Are you eligible for a tax rebate?

Are you entitled to a Tax Rebate?

One in every three UK taxpayers is eligible for a tax rebate. We are the most popular tax rebate firm in the United Kingdom.


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    How Do I Make A Tax Rebate Claim?

    One in every three UK taxpayers is eligible for a tax rebate. To obtain a tax rebate, simply follow some minor procedures.

    Our Tax Rebate Agencies have agreed on methods with the tax department to speed up the tax re-fund procedure and ensure you receive the maximum amount owing. We handle the paperwork on your behalf, keeping things simple and providing you with peace of mind.

    Who Can Claim?

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    Frequently Asked Questions


    What precisely are your charges?

    Submitting a claim is entirely free. You aren't needed to submit any upfront payments or disclose your banking information.

    If we prevail in obtaining a reimbursement on your behalf, we will levy a fee of 35 per cent (exclud-ing VAT) of the total amount recovered. Just the fee element is subject to VAT. There will be abso-lutely no further charges if the rebate doesn't cover our minimum fee of 45 euros plus VAT.

    How long will the procedure take?

    The majority of claims are resolved within six-twelve weeks. It may take up to sixteen weeks during peak periods or for more complicated cases. If you haven't received a response from HMRC beyond sixteen weeks, we propose that you resubmit your claim.

    Just how many years am I allowed to reclaim?

    You can definitely get a tax repayment for the last four[4] years. This implies you can now file a claim for positions you've held since April 2018.

    Will my employer be required to pay back the rebate?

    No, the refund will be retrieved from HMRC because you are taking back overpaid tax from your earnings.

    What documentation must I submit?

    All we want is a signed claim application, which we will provide to you when you finish the online application procedure. If we need any further details, we will reach out to you. We don't always need your P60s, P45s and so on.

    Proof of any money paid for cleaning your uniform is not required for a uniform tax refund. HMRC may seek confirmation of accurate amounts spent if you claim tax benefits for professional expenses. When submitting a claim form for additional expenses (such as equipment and tools), please kind-ly include a photocopy of the invoice/proof of purchase.

    Do I have to file a claim annually?

    Normally, no. When you file a claim with our agency, we won't just request a rebate for previous years, but we will also apply to modify your tax code so that you collect the applicable tax reliefs straight in your pay. HMRC will send you an email with your brand new tax code. If your situation changes or you have random expenses that you want to claim for, you may need to make a claim frequently. Kindly call us if you believe this pertains to you.

    Are you a state agency, or do you work for HMRC?

    No, HMRC doesn't really support or associate with any private enterprise. We are an autonomous institution that specializes in PAYE tax reimbursement claims.

    Will my private details ever be sold out or used for commercial reasons?

    No! We take your privacy very seriously. Your private details are used to complete your tax request. Your personal details are only ever disclosed with HMRC [His majesty revenue & customs] in order for them to examine your claim, and only after you have signed off on it. We will never trade your data with a third party without your permission.

    How will I be compensated?

    If requested, compensation will be made by cheque or bank transfer.

    I misplaced my cheque. Could you please send another?

    We can reprint your cheque for a charge of 15 euros. This fee covers the cost of cancelling your ini-tial cheque as well as the accompanying administrative costs.

    Zero Rebate, Zero Fee

    Our Zero Rebate, Zero Fee guarantee ensures that we'll only charge you a fee if we successfully re-cover a refund for you. There aren't any upfront expenses, and our fee is removed from the HMRC payout, so you will never have to spend anything out of pocket.

    Claim Your Tax Refund For The Last Four Years!

    We can literally back-date a tax request for the last four tax years if you've never asked for a tax re-fund before! So you can still make a claim even if you're no longer working or have changed em-ployment. If you're still employed, we will also file a change of tax code request to lower your monthly tax payment!

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